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Posture Conscious

Posture Conscious

Posture and HealthPeople are more posture conscious than we may think and it’s a good thing. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I can attest to the fact that when my patients start their spinal care they present themselves with an affected or compromised posture that improves rather quickly as they undergo regular spinal rehabilitation. Often, people suffer from Tech Neck, especially if they are 35 years or younger.

I will state this so the obvious conclusion is understood.
– People with Poor posture have Poor Health, and
– People with Bad posture have Bad Health; and,
– People with Good posture have Good health; and,
– People with Great posture have Great health.

When I mention this in the many seminars that I have spoken to, the audience mostly all agree with this proposition. Why? Because they have also their own experience in observing that about many people in their life and unconsciously have felt the same way or have come to the same impression about someone’s overall health just by observing their posture. Makes you think now, doesn’t it? And that’s a good thing. We all need to become more aware of Spinal Hygiene and Posture.

Truth is, as we grow up as a child and onward, we are exposed to a social acceptance of the value of Oral Hygiene. What I am saying is that we all know it’s smart to have your teeth cleaned or at least checked when there is even minimal discomfort in your mouth and teeth. Sadly though, we can’t say the same about how we experience occasional, intermittent, or daily neck or back pains. What do we do? We make excuses about how we slept that night or what physical activity we did the day before that may have contributed, and to some extent, you would be correct.

Unlike Oral Hygiene where we already know that delaying proper Dental care and that delaying the visit to the Dentist will only result in the worsening of the problem and the greater cost with even poorer outcomes. The same cannot be said regarding our values and thoughts about Spinal Hygiene simply because this has not yet become a social norm in this country. Canada, the USA, and Australia have one chiropractor for every 5,000 population. There is a chiropractor practically on every street corner, so Chiropractic is a household word; a word that is certainly better understood there because of the sheer availability of a nearby doctor. This is true about Dentistry where you don’t have to do far from home or work to find a Dentist. Today, you would struggle to know where to find a chiropractor. At least, thanks to the Internet, it is not an impossible task.Posture Screening form

So, how can you benefit from this information? To help you take a step in the right direction we are including herein a link to a family Posture Screening form with simple instructions so you can quantify the posture condition of everyone in your family, including yourself. The instructions and explanations of the results are also included. Here is the link to that form: Family Posture Worksheet

Just print it out and set a time of the week when everyone can get together for this home screening. You can read this blog and perhaps other blogs on this website on the topic of posture and spine issues. When you feel someone should undergo a spinal evaluation, the information is also on the downloaded form. Be well and God bless.

Yours in Real Health,

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