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September 2014

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Anti-Ageing Secret – Low Insulin Imprint

Since the beginning of time people have been looking high and low, far and wide, for the secret to a long life. Scientists have studies cultures that have the longest life spans and discovered that their limited agriculture crops and their remoteness in the mountains have created an environmental advantage. The local diet consists primarily of Low Glycemic foods. This means they do not suffer from the typical chronic diseases seen in many communities in this world where Diabetes, heart…

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Wellness Focus – Probiotics

We normally think about Probiotics after taking a course of antibiotic therapy. At least one would hope that is common knowledge simply because the antibiotic kills both harmful and friendly bacteria. One might be asking if the probiotic is safe and that is a good question. Fortunately the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality assessment of the safety of probiotics, partly funded by NCCAM, concluded that the current evidence does not suggest a widespread risk of negative side effects associated…

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Colds & Flu – Natural Solutions

I grew up in Canada where winters are fierce and annual colds and flus are expected. However, now that I live in the hot and humid Philippines the frequency of colds and flus seems higher than freezing Canada. Strange isn’t it? So advice about how to take care of yourself when you experience a cold or a flu is a worthy topic for my blog… sort of a universal subject for my readers. If you liked this post, say thanks…

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