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The Power That Created You Heals You

The power that created you heals you

I am a 45-year chiropractic practitioner and physician in natural health and healthy lifestyles, I have a few words to share, a few words of wisdom if you will.

The Power that Created You Heals You

Chiropractors are both physicians and practitioners in the same way that surgeons are also both physicians and practitioners. The physician is trained to test and evaluate and arrive at a clinical impression, then confirms that into a diagnosis based on tests and their experience and trial treatment if needed. A practitioner is the one who executes the treatment. So, a dentist that makes an oral health diagnosis is also a physician, but also a practitioner who does the treatment for the patient.

The power of healing is embedded innately in our physical form. We are created so amazingly well that, throughout our lives, our bodies heal and maintain themselves, even in spite of the many unhealthy habits that we subject them to. Going back to the surgeon, he or she absolutely understands this in a natural healing force. The body in a state of homeostasis will have optimal healing potential with a healthy metabolism, and a healthy nervous system, regulating the healing and maintenance process.

A surgeon would never be so bold, as to crack open the chest for heart surgery, or to commit other surgical procedures, without absolute faith, that this procedure that has been tried and tested will result in a positive outcome. Essentially what they’re saying is they trust nature. After all, cracking open someone’s chest or making an incision like a stab with a knife, could be under any other circumstances considered an assault. However, because of the training licensing, and experience, this is an acceptable procedure.

We have heard how the surgery was successful, but the patient still died. Executing a procedure, like a chiropractor performing a spinal adjustment, knows that following the procedure, he or she has absolute confidence, and faith if you wish, that nature will execute the best possible outcome. A healthier person will have a better outcome than a sick or diseased person when undergoing such procedures. That’s the difference in many of the post-surgical outcomes.

It’s also true while undergoing chiropractic care, the chiropractor physician after doing a consultation, a proper examination, and reviewing tests to arrive at a final diagnosis, will begin to administer chiropractic treatments with spinal adjustments, and the patient will respond.

The response will be in proportion to the body’s ability to act on what the procedure has facilitated for the body. Working so closely with the central and peripheral nervous system, and the observed autonomic nervous system’s influence towards restoring homeostasis. This is a super simple way of saying nature heals when the power is enhanced. That is why chiropractic really works in ways that we have a very difficult time in research to demonstrate objectively. But now research is showing that this is a reliable and safe method of natural, non-toxic “non-pharmacological,” and “non-surgical” forms of healthcare.

Yes, the power that created the body heals the body. The amazing process of life germinating in the womb of the mother from two zygotes to a full-blown human being over a nine-month period of time is an amazing, almost miraculous event, but it happens millions and billions of times. Speaking of such large numbers, your bodies undergo cellular regeneration clearing out the old and bringing in the new cells millions and billions of times in your body all on its own. Science can only observe this amazing process that takes place every moment of our life. (Yes, that life does begin at conception.)

With a little bit of humility, I think we can all admit, and respect how this amazing body of ours needs to be respected, needs to be honored in a way that our lifestyles reflect it. They say we should live upward of 100 to 120 years or more. But too many barely make it only halfway. In the end, it’s up to you in most cases, the truth being said. Celebrate this simple truth… The power that created you does heal you.

Yours in Real Health,

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