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August 2013

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Spinal Hygiene – Tindig Diretso! Pinoy

Importance of good posture for kids

Spinal Hygiene is Chiropractic’s contribution to Public Health! Spinal Hygiene is more important than Oral Hygiene but not as well understood and not yet established in public health. Posture Screening Campaign we call: Tindig Diretso! Pinoy Mabuhay Chiropractic did thousands of spinal screenings on school children in Makati City and Bacoor Cavite, Philippines. These screenings tested advanced protocols designed to serve as Pre-Scoliosis screenings and to serve as a model for public and private schools in the Philippines to follow. If you liked…

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Chiropractic Wellness, general

Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis


Mary’s hands hurt and some times more than others, depending on how much she does things with her hands. She is wondering what type of arthritis she has. Arthritis is a word with two parts: Arthro meaning joint and ‘itis’ that is used to describe the process of inflammation in some part of the body. So arthritis is an inflammation of the joint, any joint and it can be caused by a number of things. Three most common types of arthritis…

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Wellness focus – Concerns about weight?

The dangers of obesity are a greater health risk today than smoking. How to smartly normalize your weight without dieting is a matter of making right choices and it’s all about energy maintenance and energy balance. Start by correct guidance on food choices and then guidance on energy management. It’s basic arithmetic – too much energy consumed means you gain weight while equal energy consumed to energy expended means your weight stays the same. To lose weight you have to consume less…

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Personal Coaching

Not Speaking Negatively (Speaking Positively)

Not Speaking Negatively

They say that our realities come from our thinking and since our words also come from our thinking, then words we use consistently are somewhat responsible for where we are in our lives. So this should prompt us to become more aware of the words we use, to change them when appropriate, so that we can start getting better results. What are some of the following 10 words you use far too often to get some try and get more…

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