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Not Speaking Negatively (Speaking Positively)

Not Speaking Negatively

Not Speaking Negatively

They say that our realities come from our thinking and since our words also come from our thinking, then words we use consistently are somewhat responsible for where we are in our lives. So this should prompt us to become more aware of the words we use, to change them when appropriate, so that we can start getting better results. What are some of the following 10 words you use far too often to get some try and get more favorable results, but they are not getting you there?


  • Should” is rather a diminishing word that generally reflects a lack of commitment or some degree of guilt or reluctant responsibility. If you replace the word “should” with “chose to” it implies greater responsibility.
  • Can’t or won’t” are dream killers. Replace these with: “I can and I will” and life will evolve much faster.
  • Won’t” is the sign of an unwilling, reluctant, or closed minded person who could better use the absolute term “never,” since it basically closes the door on many of the actions we need to take to reach the goal.
  • I’ll Try or to Try” is a lie because you are really saying No since it never gets done. Just be honest and say “NO.”
  • If” evokes doubt and uncertainty and is better replaced with the word “when” to bring out confidence and specific actions for a topic to materialize.
  • Maybe” is not as sinister as “I will try” but aren’t you also saying No, at least for now its a NO. Better to say: “I will” or “I will not” to be clearer, not indecisive.
  • But” essentially gives a negative tone to whatever just precedes it. “I want to get a good job, but it will take too much interviewing.” Your desire to get a job is diluted by the hard work it may take to get it. A stronger approach is to replace but with “and” then expect to be surprised.
  • Soon or Later” implies a time non-commitment which should be replaced with a definite time and date, or its just another form of procrastination.
  • Someday” is much like sooner or later. Replace “someday” with more specific timing.
  • Never” is an absolute, and there are only limited situations when “never” is true, absolutely true. It takes a closed mind to use the word “never” and could be replaced with a non-absolute term such as “lets give it a chance and see.”

Think about giving serious thought to these words before using them in conversations because words affect our thoughts, then our actions and then the outcomes of our lives because of their power, so choose them with the utmost of care.
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  • Reply
    bella rivas
    08/09/2013 at 12:43 pm

    Hi doc, I don’t think the word I’ll try is a lie coz that pertains of intending to do it and just had some fears that he might fail to perform what he said , its something that you dont want them to expect much of the outcome of what you did. For the rest , I agree that we really need to control our tongue before we say things to have a better relationship to all.

  • Reply
    08/09/2013 at 1:30 pm

    To test or try to perform can be properly communicated with the word “attempt” since it implies an effort to do something; try does not. 😉

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