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February 2014

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5 Essentials – Proper Nutrition

On the scale of one (1) to ten (10) with ten being optimal, rate yourself on how well you are doing your nutrition. RATE: ____ When we think about living a healthier life, the first area we have immediate control over is food. Here one can start to see immediate improvements by making very appropriate choices that have been neglected for some time. See Video on this Topic. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Wellness focus – Five (5) Essentials of Health

If I was to ask you: “How do you rate your health at this time?“ Your answer could be reasonably accurate or it would be quite awkward to provide a good answer to that question. So, let’s make it easier to be somewhat more accurate in self-assessing your health rating by looking at the five different areas of your health that are required to stay healthy. By healthy I don’t necessarily mean “fit and healthy” or some doctor’s or health writer’s version…

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Personal Coaching

Life Coaching focus – Confrontational tolerance

Confrontational tolerance refers specifically to the ability, willingness or intention to elevate a positive tension in the relationship. One way to put it is: “How many times can you be told ‘no’ before blowing a fuse?” So raising your ability to handle rejection builds confrontational tolerance. However, most people suffer from their “fear of rejection.” If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Wellness, general

Remembering Dr. Rene Barcelona

A dear friend and fellow conservative health practitioner passed away at age 59 on Chinese New Year 2014. Rene F. Barcelona, ND (MS) was a pioneer in  bringing Naturopathy to the Philippines. His heart gave out after a 20 year struggle following several years of Insulin treatment for Diabetes in his 30’s. When people die of complications of Diabetes, the predominant factor is Insulin toxicity, more than high blood sugar. It was coined Syndrome X in the 90’s. If you…

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Wellness focus – Health is not an accident

The amazing thing about health is that it is NOT an accident, but for that matter, neither is sickness an accident. When you read this statement it should evoke both a sense of mortality and a sense of positive power that you still have the choice to be healthy Vs the choice by default to get sick. In most cases when chronic disease is the problem, preventing an individual from experiencing the full force of a fit and healthy body,…

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