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Remembering Dr. Rene Barcelona

Naturopathic DoctorA dear friend and fellow conservative health practitioner passed away at age 59 on Chinese New Year 2014. Rene F. Barcelona, ND (MS) was a pioneer in  bringing Naturopathy to the Philippines. His heart gave out after a 20 year struggle following several years of Insulin treatment for Diabetes in his 30’s. When people die of complications of Diabetes, the predominant factor is Insulin toxicity, more than high blood sugar. It was coined Syndrome X in the 90’s.

After many years of having doctors manage his blood sugar Rene decided he wanted a cure, not just glucose management. So he self studied and cured his Diabetes, in the days before the Internet, imagine that!  Doc Rene’s legacy is a lesson for the 60 million Diabetics in this world. Having overcome Leukemia encountered in his 20’s Rene then became Diabetic during his military career. Determined to find a natural cure he was introduced to the practice of Naturopathy, that uses herbs and other natural remedies instead of drugs. He completed a distance learning and formal USA program in Naturopathy and practiced for many years in the greater Manila area, helping hundreds with their decision to avoid chemotherapy and elective surgeries for gallbladder and other conditions.

Unfortunately, the Insulin Rx had already damaged his heart tissues and over the next two decades experienced a progressive heart disease degeneration. In retrospect, having cured himself of Diabetes actually saved his life and he enjoyed a meaningful alternative practice and got to see his children grow into adults.

I am often quoted as stating how reversing one’s Diabetes is not only possible but it will give you an extra 20 years of relatively healthy living. Doc Rene exemplified that statement. He was able to enjoy a good, longer life and saved many others along the way. We honor your true courage in standing for your personal health and for courageously fighting for so many others, now grateful patients. You will be missed!

Yours in real life,

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