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Happy New Year! 2018

Happy New Year!

Let’s begin with a thoughtful healthy and fit mindset as we start into 2018.
Sexy is the New Healthy!
Better your best…

It’s sort of cute how in the Philippines, when a person is thin, they refer to that as being “sexy” – not meaning what Westerners mean by that.
So in that context a thin person, not an unhealthy type of thin person like anorexia, but a person with the right weight for their height, or the proper BMI; right percentage of body fat for their gender, this is a person of normal weight and shape. In such a state or condition a person is in fact quite healthy.

Healthy because their blood has the right pH, the particles that are in the blood are only those that are necessary for one’s every day living, repair and for healthy maintenance.

When people are unhealthy they have particles in the blood that shouldn’t be there like drugs, chemicals from cigarette smoking that has gotten into the blood; excessive amounts of glucose, fatty acid’s, amino acids, peroxides, triglycerides, cholesterol molecules, preservative chemicals, etc.

In a previous blog I referred to your circulatory system being like a “river” and an unhealthy person has polluted their river. But we all know from experience as societies that if we stop polluting the rivers they come back, nature comes back.

So it is true with our own internal circulation. As we stop polluting the river, if we start continuing with healthier positive lifestyle, things will restore themselves to what we referred to as a state of homeostasis; a state were all things internally are balanced and functioning properly. Again, this is a state or condition of being healthy.

However, when a person is thin because they are smokers, who eat less, have artificially stimulated metabolism is due to nicotine, that’s not the healthy person we are talking about, by any stretch of the imagination.

So next time you see someone who is fit, trim, thin and sexy you’re very likely looking at someone who is a model healthy person. Sadly our modern information and lifestyle promotes inactivity and eating junk food. This produces soft unfit obese people who may not yet be sick at the moment, but they are absolutely not healthy.

So, if you felt a sting in your gut as you read the above, this blog is really talking to you. Don’t feel disturbed or despaired but be encouraged that you can go through the hundreds of blogs on this website and re-orient yourself with a healthy education on wellness and lifestyle corrections. So much of what you need to restore your true health is right within your fingertips and you don’t have to go outside this blog to get what you need to know.

Become a student of docMIKE. Sign up for the School of Wellness (its free) and you will become a pillar of health for yourself and those people that you know and love as you share your new knowledge and power that gets you to be in control, to be in charge of maintaining a healthy body.

More power to you… Sexy!

Yours in Health,

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