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I’m not getting old,  I’m just living!

I’m not getting old,  I’m just living! Isn’t there a sense of negativity when we talk about aging? As we are getting old they or we say: “Oh it’s a sign of aging or I’m having a senior moment.” Commonplace thinking projects that upon getting older it means life starts becoming limited. Limited mobility, limited funds, limited energy, limited hope, limited value to society, etc. Our society has minimized or marginalized the beauty of life’s accumulated experiences by summarizing or…

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WFC – Chiropractic releases news on Low back pain warns about ineffective treatments

Friday March 23, 2018 For immediate release. Contact for more information: Dr Richard Brown, WFC Secretary-General Email: [email protected] WFC Calls For Focus On Conservative Spine Care As New Study Reveals Millions of People Harmed By Wrong Treatments For Low Back Pain. World Federation of Chiropractic President, Dr Espen Johannessen has called for greater utilization of chiropractic following the publication of a damning new study on low back pain treatments. Millions of people across the world are getting the wrong care…

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