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I’m not getting old,  I’m just living!

I’m not getting old,  I’m just living!

Isn’t there a sense of negativity when we talk about aging? As we are getting old they or we say: “Oh it’s a sign of aging or I’m having a senior moment.” Commonplace thinking projects that upon getting older it means life starts becoming limited. Limited mobility, limited funds, limited energy, limited hope, limited value to society, etc.
Our society has minimized or marginalized the beauty of life’s accumulated experiences by summarizing or focusing on the negative side and declaring that we are all getting old. It just makes me tired to think about it. Don’t you feel that way too? “Oh I’m getting old… my Lord I must be getting old.” It just strangles the will to thrive.
Instead… what if we just proclaimed that, instead of repeating the mantra I must be getting old, we proclaim the simple truth, that I – am – living!
Reality check… you can’t live tomorrow in the present, so referencing someone’s age and bringing that into the present is silly. You also can’t re-live your youth, and for a lot of good reasons, why would you want to? The benefit of experiencing life and the maturity that comes with it makes the years better, not worse.
I would like to face each day in my 50s or in my 60s or in my 70s++ with a personal declaration that “I’m living;” I am claiming today, choosing to live in the present with an eye on the future! No reference to age needed, except for the fact that with age and experience comes maturity and the many many blessings that come from that.
Real and Positive thinking … hopefully it’s contagious.

Yours in real life,

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