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November 2015

Personal Coaching Wellness, general

Life Coaching focus – Interested vs Committed

Since my formal studies in Chiropractic my passion has been to study healthy living and live the principles I learn. This passion has revealed an endless number of life changing truths to me. The ones I cherish the most I learned and continue to learn about myself. One of these truths is that when I was young I was more interested in learning about healthy topics. However, when I got married and had a family (responsibility intersected with purpose) and…

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Personal Coaching

Alternative Health Counselors

Introducing a new Health Coach training program. Natural Alternatives Plus, Inc. is a Philippine health education and lifestyle coaching company providing individual and corporate wellness programs in Manila. The success of the programs comes from the personal health coach services provided by the Alternative Health Counselors (AHC). As you read this blog you could actually be looking at a career opportunity. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Chiropractic Spinal Health Wellness, general

Posture Aids

There is a growing public opinion and awareness of the importance of good posture. This is not a new topic discussed here on This author has been quoted as saying: “As the Eyes are the mirror to your Soul, Posture is the mirror to your Health.” Today we can walk into a number of retail stores and find various products being sold that attest to improving one’s posture. Are they really able to do that? Truth is yes and…

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Chiropractic Spinal Health

Texting and Forward Head Posture

With everyone spending more and more time in regular use of their gadgets chiropractors are concerned about the higher incidence of¬†Forward Head Posture we see with our patients. In early years this can alter normal development of the spine subjecting children to Kyphosis or Kyphoscoliosis. As we open this topic I would like to point our readers to a National Posture Campaign that can provide useful tools to improve posture. The best way to make the case is to let…

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