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January 2014

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Wellness Focus – The Cholesterol Question

Paul Welling is a successful businessman and that means he often takes business lunches and dinners at nice restaurants; so over the years he has become stout and a recent blood test revealed that his cholesterol was high. Naturally (actually unnaturally) the doctor prescribed a Statin drug to lower these levels. Now Paul is not a cynical person but he happens to be conservative about running to the drugstore to fill a prescription, and this was the first time he…

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Wellness, general

Chiropractic Patient Federation of Asia

There is a Chiropractic Patients’ Federation of Europe ( that has been in existence for over a half century and people are interested in helping Asians to form their own patients’ association, starting with Filipinos. This has been requested by the leaders of the Asian Pacific Chiropractic Doctors Federation ( This forms a voluntary humanitarian organization and the founding members are launching their organization during the visit by the APCDF Council in Manila on January 10, 2014. If you liked…

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Personal Coaching

Coaching Focus – Personal Self Management

Want a life that runs really smooth?  A life that is not riddled with stress, drama and upsets? Truth is you can have it, but it requires personal self-management. This is a far better thing to do than just make another New Year’s resolution. What do I mean by personal management? Managing yourself, your person, properly. Yes, you have been doing that all of your adult life but somehow external things keep messing things up. Or is that really what…

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Chiropractic Spinal Health

What causes Shoulder Pain?

Pain in the shoulder inevitably comes from the soft tissues that are damaged. These tissues are mainly ligaments, cartilage, muscle, tendons and connective tissues; occasionally from nerves, lymph nodes, blood vessels and bone. So when the correct tissues are identified the solution becomes much clearer. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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