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Wellness Focus – The Cholesterol Question

No PillsPaul Welling is a successful businessman and that means he often takes business lunches and dinners at nice restaurants; so over the years he has become stout and a recent blood test revealed that his cholesterol was high. Naturally (actually unnaturally) the doctor prescribed a Statin drug to lower these levels. Now Paul is not a cynical person but he happens to be conservative about running to the drugstore to fill a prescription, and this was the first time he was told his cholesterol was high, so he looked on the Internet for more information. What he found is rather shocking that someone compiled a 566 page book that would make anyone stop and question. Even the title of the book is strange: “Your Doctor Is A Liar!”

Here are some excerpts worth sharing to our readers:

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease and lowering your cholesterol does not help you live longer.

“Many people consider the consumption of CHOLESTEROL, in and of itself, to be a health hazard. This is not the case. The risks associated with CHOLESTEROL intake have been vastly overstated by the media and even by some health officials… The widespread perception, then, that the presence of CHOLESTEROL in the human body is somehow intrinsically harmful is a distortion of the truth.” by Frederick J. Stare, M.D. / Founder, Department of Nutrition. Harvard School of Public Health
Robert E. Olson, M.D. / Professor of Medicine, SUNY/Stony Brook
Elizabeth M. Whelan, Sc.D. / President, American Council on Science and Health
Authors of “Balanced Nutrition, Beyond the Cholesterol Scare”

“Saturated fats and CHOLESTEROL are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest scientific deception of this century [the 1900s], perhaps of any century.” Dr. George V. Mann, M.D. / Author of “Coronary Heart Disease, the Dietary Sense and Nonsense”

“Most people who suffer heart attacks have average ‘cholesterol’ levels. The fact is that one person can have a low ‘cholesterol’ number and be at grave risk for a heart attack, while someone else with a higher figure will be fine.” Dr. Arthur Agatston, Cardiologist / Author of “The Miami Beach Diet”

Lipitor and other statin drugs are known to cause numerous side effects, including abdominal pain, abnormal heartbeat, back pain, constipation, distorted facial muscles, headache, heartburn, indigestion, joint pain, leg cramps, SENSITIVITY TO LIGHT, skin irritations, tingling of the extremities, and weakness! Some found the cure (Lipitor) was worse than the disease!

After reading all this, including negative reports by so many Medical Doctors that do not agree with the drug manufacturer’s claims, Paul decided to follow a better diet, cut back in processed foods and increase his fitness activities. Perhaps the smartest thing he did was to check things out first. A lesson to learn for all of us.

Yours in Health!

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