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How to set up your home office

How to set up your home office (with good posture and health in mind)

We can actually start discussing post-COVID-19 realities. The uncertainties that follow has resulted in many private schools in the Philippines switching to home schooling with electronic classes and cloud assignments. The business world that has successfully switched to telecommuting during this quarantine period may also decide to to have that personnel continue to operate from home and only come to the company offices once a week. Others may also follow suit and set up home offices, just as a practical matter to reduce social contact. In other words, social distancing may become more common in the new post-pandemic world.

There are commentaries stating that, like post 9/11 where some aspects of our lives changed permanently, the post-2020 pandemic is also likely to see us all choosing to live in very different ways. There are threats of a second wave of the virus that may not produce a pandemic, but could call for further social enhanced policy decisions that may again result in targeted quarantine or community lock-downs, impairing business as usual. All this makes home office / home school a very relevant topic to start the conversation about how to best prepare for an ergonomically set up home-office.

docMIKE is the brand ambassador for ERGO, Philippines, owned by Phillip Ng, because “good posture equals good health”. Proper home office equipment is an investment in good health. Businesses buy insurance to protect from catastrophic loss and invest in sound equipment for durability and improved productivity. If you appreciate high quality home and office furnishings, you will want to invest in ergonomically sound business office equipment and furnishings. Quality lasts much longer and is cheaper in the ong run.

Ergonomic equipment and furnishings can at best reduce postural stress and minimize aggravating existing spine and nerve problems that do exist; but, they can not treat these neuromusculoskeletal conditions. That is the job of your local chiropractor. docMIKE has also been the Asian brand ambassador for BackJoy’s Posture products, especially the Sit-Smart chair accessory that has been proven to reduce the cumulative postural stress. It is clearly understood that this product does not treat the cause of back problems, but it does help to reduce the postural stress of prolonged sitting that can contribute to spinal problems or minimize flair ups from prolonged sitting.

Preparing for a productive and safe ergonomically sound home office set up is a wise decision. Visit the websites for ERGO and BackJoy to consider if they can assist you in your efforts. Research other quality stores that cater to the regular office and home-business markets. Set up your workstation in the same way an airplane cockpit is set up for maximum efficiency to avoid strain from over reaching. Have a chair with a proper fitting lumbar support. We do come in all shapes and sizes and so do office chairs; find the best one for your body.

You can read more on the topic of ergonomics as it has value in improving productivity br reducing fatigue and the distracting pains from poor posture and spinal problems that affect 80% of the work force. If you suffer from recurring lower back pain, neck pain or frequent enough headaches, pain or numbness down either arm or leg; it is strongly advised that you start on the right pathway to a fit spine by undergoing a chiropractic spinal checkup. Small problems that exist now are the easiest to correct and prevent chronic degenerative changes in the spine. A wide and prudent way to invest in your present and future health. Those of you who are already tolerating daily back and neck problems need an immediate chiropractic evaluation as your condition will not only find relief, but will benefit from preventing further spinal degeneration that has already begun. You can find a local Mabuhay Chiropractic clinic location nearest to you as there are 14 total clinics to chose from nationwide.

It is good to see that you are reading this article and that you are interested in a better life. There are over 240 blog posts on there for you with easy access. Bookmark this blog site for the many health topics that may affect your family.

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

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