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Are You Stacking The Right Kind of Food? Here’s a Top Seven Checklist For You

Are You Stacking The Right Kind of Food? Here’s a Top Seven Checklist For You

We no longer live in fear of nuclear war when people built a private nuclear bomb shelter and stocked them with non-perishable foods, should the unthinkable ever were to happen. Now, did your 2020 New Year’s resolution include stacking your pantry and freezer in case your family was going into self-quarantine before Easter?

We do live in interesting times! Coronavirus -19 has turned the world upside down and the shadow it casts will include a sizable number of deaths, multiple times more self-healing respiratory virus cases and an even wider impact on everybody’s financial reserves or worse. Having been labeled a pandemic the public health machine rolled out containment, travel bans and community lock-downs. Everything from self-quarantine to military imposed quarantines and quickly in real time few ever expected we find ourselves unprepared and restricted at home. Restaurants are closed since staff can’t show up to work and customers are told to stay home.

So we still all gotta eat!

To save you some thinking time, here are a wide variety of experts* overall recommendations for that you should put on your shopping list when you drive and stand in lines to get food for yourself and your family.

  1. Have nutritious ingredients in your pantry such as rice, more rice, dried pastas, cereals, canned tuna, canned beans and other canned fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable milks and you’re ready to create the base for a meal. You can stock the freezer with easy to prepare frozen entrees, frozen fruits and vegetables.
  2. While those in quarantine won’t be holed up indefinitely, having canned veggies and fruits on hand is a great way to ensure that you’re still consuming essential vitamins and minerals.
  3. Shelf-stable milks have a long shelf life and taste worlds better than you may remember. You may not always be able to get out and get fresh milk, so this isn’t such a bad idea.
  4. Frozen seafood like fish fillets or shrimp are often even fresher than what you get at the fish counter. They are flash frozen right on the fishing boat, and they cook up quickly in the oven, even if taken straight from the freezer.
  5. Stock up on baby food and formula if you have a baby or infant.
  6. Nearly all the nutritionists recommended adding a variety of dried fruits, nuts and nut butters. Remember to keep nuts like pecans, almonds and walnuts in the freezer to preserve the flavor. They add protein and healthy fats to any dish, and they’re also a snack-friendly food.
  7. Lastly, popcorn! If you’re going to be inside for two weeks, chances are you’ll be watching plenty of shows on TV or Netflix. Buy several boxes of microwaveable popcorn, or if you like to make it the old-fashioned way, a jar of kernels, cooking oil and some butter.

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

Yours in Health,

* collected from a half dozen websites written by nutritionist and writers.

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