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Social responsibility VS Social distancing

Social responsibility VS Social distancing

Philippines is 99.98% COVID-19 freeImplementation of Quarantine policies are now more of a public health risk then the COVID-19 virus itself at this time in our history, June 1, 2020.

Illness from malnutrition and even death from starvation and chronic diseases that are being mismanaged are at risk of becoming the new crisis of the pandemic. Who is fact checking those tragedies and posting them for public consumption? If less then 20,000 out of 110,000,000 people (2% out of 1%) have contracted the virus, then it means 99.98% are not infected. Economic failure through all sectors of society is already happening. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs being eliminated and depleted family savings are now the crisis of the quarantine. A bag of rice can only go so far. Micro business needs to restart immediately.

Governments in developing countries need to immediately refocus their Social Engineering priorities to restore the nation’s economy. Focusing on the spread of the virus has become a dangerous game pitting one social value against so many others. Economic health, physical health and mental health are not trivial matters; but day by day these important social values are being undermined with the pandemic taking center stage at the cost of so many other important and necessary social needs.

Now, we face the threat of misguided over cautiousness in reopening society’s normal and necessary activities that are being planned even beyond six months. Social responsibility can be exercised by rational people who can adapt to the new norms that require social distancing. This is not a matter of law enforcement but a matter of social responsibility by trusting citizens.

Sober minds are needed. Stakeholders outside of the Health Department now need to take center stage in making socially impacting guidance in the government’s decision processes. Look at the examples of other nations spearheading this proper and necessary dialogue.

Bottom line is that people need to get back to work and back to school, and now!

A floundering, nonproductive workforce is destroying the stability of nations like rot. Peace and order may not be easily maintained when basic needs that accompany freedom to live and thrive are continuously suppressed by over zealous quarantine related policies.

phe obvious solution is that people need to get back to work. They need to have transportation that allows them to return to work. They need to have businesses that will rehire them. Businesses need government accommodation for this massive interference since business has not been normal for months. Half way opening of social freedoms continues to stifle the restoration of economic norms.
Philippines is 99.98% COVID-19 free

This blog post is not a criticism but a plea to spark a dialogue with decision makers that is very much needed at this time. Being passionate in savings lives has its place in our society; but being compassionate about the broader values of the 99.98% [20k/110M-1= 99.98%] of the country’s populous that has lost its basic freedoms has to now take priority. If only 0.02 of 1% have contracted the virus, then it means 99.98% are not infected.

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