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August 2015

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Metabolism in Weight Management

Diets create a lose / lose scenario where the glass is constantly seen as half full, of being denied things. When we replace the word Energy in weight management, meaning Energy Management, we are now dealing with a win / win scenario where the glass now becomes half full. Now the goal becomes focused on filling the energy glass vs. constantly trying to empty the glass full of fat. A Radical change in thinking, I will admit to that, but…

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Heat – Ice – Heat

In an earlier blog we discussed if you should use heat or ice for self-care and for first aid. Believe it or not there are times when you should be BOTH heat and ice. Interesting eh? In general, muscles benefit from increased circulation to heal by applying some heat (not too much) or massaging the muscle. This increases the blood flow to th muscles. Also, when there is a painful joint, the body best benefits from the use of ice, both…

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2015 Gala Update

Good food, beautiful venue in a five star hotel, interaction between patients who value chiropractic in their lives; happy, happy staff all dressed up and smiling, enjoying the team fellowship…  this was the 2nd Annual Mabuhay Gala, August 1, 2015. Next year in June we will also hold the event at the Makati Diamond Residence Hotel. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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