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Post-pandemic advocacy statement: GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY, says docMIKE!

WELLNESS and CHIROPRACTIC is a huge topic as each person has their own personal philosophy on this subject. To be as helpful as possible, I would like to develop this page for my readers as their RESOURCE CENTER for useful information and referenced materials, as they evolve their personal philosophy on health. (a growing lists of thoughtful documents)

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Have You Met The Wellings? Meet the Welling family
Meet the Welling family.

  • David, the patriarch of the family, the alpha male.
  • Martha, a retired school teacher, the beta female.
  • Paul, a businessman, the adult son.
  • Mary, a writer, the wife and mother.
  • Christian, the teenager, impulsive and curious.
  • Anna, the infant daughter, always is the family baby

The name Welling is a British family name but for the purposes of this Blog it represents the combining of two words:

Well(ness) and (Well Be)ing = Welling.

The Welling family are fictional characters that serve as surrogates to represent the average person that is pursuing health. “Wellness” being defined as one’s pursuit of health, means that nearly everyone, at some point in their life, admits their mortality, recognizes that their PROBLEM is the result of doing too much of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things. These individuals then begin to undertake a renewed view of life, seeking better ways to do things with hopefully better outcomes in terms of overall health, reduced disabilities and thereby a higher quality of life. They / you are the target audience of this Blog.

This multi-generational family typifies the lives of a modern middle class community of today, with a broad spectrum of shared values but a generational challenged perspectives, as each individual goes through life somewhat depending on each other for physical and financial support; for emotional shared experiences and spiritual grounding. docMIKEblog readers will hopefully find themselves connected at these various life challenges of each respective ages.

This is an artistic license used by docMIKE to personalize the many and various topics that are subject of the “BLOG” series in the health, wellness and personal growth areas of life.

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