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April 2016

Personal Coaching Wellness, general

Course Corrections in Life

Wellness is the “pursuit of health lost” and at some point in time many people recognize that somewhere in life they got off course and they are unhappy with where they are. That is understandable yet it seems they get stuck in making lasting changes and keep ending up where they are, again. The reason is that they have not properly assessed where they were, where they are and finally where they see that they should be. To get from…

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Nutritional Health Wellness, general

Natural or unnatural?

Seeking to replace junk food from our diets requires a little extra effort. Just because something is natural, it may still be unnatural for us to consume. It is said that one person’s food maybe another persons poison. So how do we do the right thing? The best example I can give is to point to nature, those delicate cute beings, those birds that fly about in the trees; ever notice that no matter how many berry trees there are…

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