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Lifetime Chiropractic Care

Lifetime Chiropractic Care

Why would someone need Chiropractic care for their lifetime?

We all understand the reasons people expect to see their Physician, Optometrist, or Dentist over their lifetime. Nobody expects them to cure you in one visit, yet as a Chiropractor I often find people who just don’t get it. They just don’t understand how smart and necessary it is to incorporate the correct balance of specialists in their life’s pursuit of health and happiness.

People need a doctor who cares about their patient’s well-being, quality of life, and longevity. The Chiropractor is an excellent choice for those people who prefer a more natural engagement in their personal philosophy of life and health. That personal philosophy of health can include the lifetime involvement of a Dentist for oral health, a Physician for periodic testing and the occasional emergency interventions and sickness care; and a Chiropractor for occasional painful events for some while others come for holistic natural health preservation, good energy and power performance.

Chiropractors have specialized training in conservative (non-drug and non-surgical) spine and nerve treatment along with a focus on holistic healthcare management. Spinal adjustments to optimize a vibrant nervous system and lifestyle coaching to optimize a finely tuned metabolism are the main two thrusts of a chiropractor’s efforts at restoring and preserving a patient’s health.

You see, values stem from people’s personal philosophy of life/health. Unfortunately, some ignore their problems until they become an emergency-type crisis. That mindset results in a premature demise and years of suffering or toleration. All very costly options. The attitude is that spending money on healthcare services that are preventative in nature is a cost, misunderstanding the value of wise self-management, and even a miscalculation of one’s self-preservation.

This is my 45th year as a Doctor of Chiropractic and I know that millions upon millions of people avail of Chiropractic care every year. Many limit their care to pain relief only and likely experience degenerative spine disease throughout their lifetime. Others diligently follow spinal rehabilitation programs, only to drop the ball and experience relapses and may end up needing surgery or suffer degenerative problems from exacerbations or subsequent injuries. These benefit from Chiropractic treatments, but stop short of seeing the value of participating in preventative or maintenance programs offered by many chiropractors.

In conclusion, having mostly retired I personally still see the value of getting regular Chiropractic care to help me maintain an active painless life, one less dependent on medical interventions, and avoid the suffering and limitations so many seniors experience. Lifetime Chiropractic Care has always been my personal choice. Considering my vast knowledge on the subject it is easier for me to sustain that choice.

I pray people read this voluminous blog and also learn the value of self-preservation through Chiropractic preventative care… for a lifetime!

Yours in True Health,

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