Parlor sink Radiculopathy

Parlor sink Radiculopathy

lordosis-cervicalMartha Welling has become self-conscious about the way her hair has looked these days so she has visited her hair dresser more often – like almost weekly. She then started to experience an increase in neck pains, pain and numbness running down her arm and an in crease in headaches. These are signs of parlor sink radiculopathy. All these problems had already been successfully controlled by earlier chiropractic care, so she wondered if there was a connection between her increase parlor visits and the return of these problems. Good call, Martha!

Is your hair salon causing that pain in your neck? Frequent visits to the parlor for shampooing or blow drying may be aggravating your neck to due stress to the joints of the neck contributing to arthritic pain. Salon sinks may be the cause because it requires the positioning of the neck in a slight hyper extended position.

People with perfectly healthy necks will not likely be affected as their bodies can repair the damage, especially if the event only takes place as infrequently as once er month. However, when someone has previously developed neck problems like arthritis, spondylosis or disc degeneration any prolonged malposition may increase the damage to these already unstable parts. Since nerves are closely located to the spinal joints and disc, radiating pain or numbness are frequently reported.

Ask yourself these basic questions:
1. Do you experience neck pain during your hair salon appointment?
2. Do you experience headaches after your hair salon appointment?
3. Do you experience a painful neck after your hair salon appointment?
4. Has your neck become more problematic and you suspect shampooing in the salon is the cause?

There are three aspects to this situation. Firstly, this malposition may contribute to longterm neck problems; especially when people have previously sprained their neck in a motor vehicle accident or any unexpected twisting of the neck. People with normal healthy necks are not likely to experience a new problem from the occasional visit to the parlor;  but those who already have disc degeneration or spondylosis, need to instruct their hairdressers to use caution in the way they place the head and neck during the salon visit.

The third aspect is the warning that this is giving you if this is happening to you. If you have tolerated neck stiffness and have not been under regular chiropractic care, take notice of this warning that there is something brewing in your neck that needs a professional spine expert to check your neck. This could save you years of misery as you age.

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