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March 2017

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docMIKE Tetrault Retires From Practice

docMIKE Tetrault Retires From Practice This month docMIKE turns 65 years of age. Born in Canada in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 27, 1952 he grew up with his family of 8 other siblings and both parents until his marriage at only 18 years of age to his high school sweetheart. Michel undertook his studies into chiropractic graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1979 from Life Chiropractic College. He retires from active practice after 38 years of service; 27…

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Children and Chiropractic Care

Children and Chiropractic Care ¬†Child development markers are critical for lifelong health and pediatricians are tasked to monitor children for abnormalities in development. Chiropractors perform a critical specialist role in spinal development such as scoliosis. There are severe deforming cases of scoliosis and there are functional cases. Chiropractic brings a depth of expertise that prevents the need for spinal surgery and provides true preventive health services for children. Spinal misalignments begin for most people during childhood. The active life of…

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