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November 2014

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Martial Arts and Chiropractic

How can chiropractic care help martial artists become better? Martial arts are about fluidity, and movement, with movement comes strength and power. Chiropractic care is well known to increase joint mobility, which in case causes the body to be more relaxed. When the body is relaxed the artist is able to move better in both speed, and flexibility. Martial arts is something that pushes our bodies to the extreme limits that are far beyond the average persons tolerance. It is…

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Living a long life – What it is and what it is not

My 100 Year Lifestyle Coach, Dr. Eric Plasker,  wrote this article I wish to share with our readers. In case you don’t know yet, I plan on living up to 100 and more. You could too. Centenarians, people who are living to 100 or more, are one of the world’s fastest growing age groups.  Living to 80, 90 and above has become the norm. Will knowing that you may live a century or more lend urgency to your desire to…

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Sleeping in – Good or Bad?

We work or study hard most days of the week, then on weekends, isn’t nice to just sleep in? Yea! But sadly, most people complain that they feel groggy or worse have body pains after they oversleep on a weekend.  Shouldn’t we feel better and more rested after longer sleep? Why is that? Our quality of sleep is best achieved after we have been asleep for a while and that normally takes place when we have a regular time to get to…

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