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Martial Arts and Chiropractic

taekwandoHow can chiropractic care help martial artists become better? Martial arts are about fluidity, and movement, with movement comes strength and power. Chiropractic care is well known to increase joint mobility, which in case causes the body to be more relaxed. When the body is relaxed the artist is able to move better in both speed, and flexibility.

Martial arts is something that pushes our bodies to the extreme limits that are far beyond the average persons tolerance. It is both exhilarating, and demanding on our body. There is a sense of gratitude one gets after achieving their goal of either obtaining their black belt, or finally nailing that one kick that gives you such a hard time.

I have treated many martial artists who had severe restrictions in their movements because pain hindered their motion, and judgment. Chiropractic care helps the joints get motion so that when they practice, or spar it is with great speed and mobility that are no longer a wall. From the perspective of a “corner man” one can view the importance of how much chiropractic care is needed in the martial arts community. Black belt holders can see, and understand the importance of flexibility, the speedy recovery of over worked muscles, and bones. Chiropractors also see the importance of a well-balanced nervous system, and freely moving joints.

Chiropractic and martial arts have some similarities in its philosophy. The body has the innate ability to do things on its own. For example when you first start martial arts your body is stiff, slow, and weak; same as chiropractic care when you first come in for treatment your body is in pain, and there is dysfunction therefore your slow, and rigid. After some time in martial arts your body begins to get accustomed and your speed gradually improves to the point that you are more agile. With chiropractic care the same implies to the body getting better, and adapting because the body is healing itself through the aide of chiropractic care. The body is a self-adapting/self healing intelligent thing that has the ability to create good muscle memory so that the brain does not have to work too much. The body responds by itself by changing pathways. This is truth for both martial arts, and chiropractic treatment. The body is a awesome thing… Its needs motion, flexibility in order for it to be at its upmost optimum wellbeing.

Chiropractic is a new profession in Asia yet it brings a 120 years of experience that is much needed in the world of sports, and martial arts. It is only time before it catches on to the intelligent minds of the Filipinos.

Contributing author, Jonathan Goins, DC
1st Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwando
Associate at Mabuhay Chiropractic Manila

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