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June 2014

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Fitness Focus – Thera-Band Rubber Tubing Exercises

Many of my chiropractic patients suffer with shoulder and other extremity problems; which are present in addition or in part as the result of their spine and nerve conditions; such as spinal misalignments and related nerve entrapment or irritation. I am placing this Thera-Band Instructional Manual on my blog to refer my patients to this manual and to promote general rehabilitative health to our community. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Wellness Focus – USANA Supplements

It is common for a chiropractor to make dietary recommendations including micro-nutrient supplementation. Problem people run into is where to get reliable, quality food supplements in Asia when any such recommendation is made? My patients would run to the local “Health Food Store” and buy supplements but they just weren’t getting the expected results. Apparently, in Asia some companies use fillers in their products to lower their costs, and because of the lack of government oversight and enforceability on these…

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“Should I drink Biguerlai Tea when I am Pregnant?’

Responding to a recent post on our Blog warning people of the dangers and risks of drinking Biguerlai Tea, we received this question: “I’m 1 month pregnant, is it still safe to drink the tea?” Our response is to resend what was said in the first paragraph of our original blog:“I have to ask why do people do that… to compromise their health for a short-term weight loss goal? People seeking online for solutions to constipation can find more natural…

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