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July 2014

Personal Coaching

Life Coaching Focus – Surviving

Every now and then I like to repeat words of wisdom I receive from my own Professional Coach, Dr. Jim Nacarrato. This is one of those straight to the point truths. Enjoy! Yours in True Life, docMIKE “Ever feel like the problems you are being asked to solve cannot be solved? The challenges you are asked to overcome cannot be overcome? Is the pain you are feeling unbearable? Do you feel like you can’t see a way out of the…

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Chiropractic Fitness Health

Fitness Focus – Baseball Injury Helped by Chiropractic

When Chicago White Sox minor-league Greg Shepard remembers his life-altering sports injury in 2000 where he slammed into the left center field wall chasing a fly ball, let’s say his words are simple: “The wall won.” The next morning, Shepard woke up virtually paralyzed. “I couldn’t lift my body out of bed, turn my head or move my right arm,” says Shepard. Naturally, his wife at the time wanted to rush him to the emergency room straight-away. But Shepard had something else in mind. “I…

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Fitness Health Wellness, general

Fitness Focus – Basketball Injuries Helped by Chiropractic

Clearly, a sport that requires tremendous power and speed will lend itself to injuries. And so it is with basketball. In fact, if you go by sheer number alone, basketball is the most injure-prone sport of any in the nation – with the latest 2010 data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showing its 528,584 reported injuries, topping even football’s 489,676. Sidelining hoopsters were everything from back spasm to sprained ankles. That explains why many professional teams – across…

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