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SurvivingEvery now and then I like to repeat words of wisdom I receive from my own Professional Coach, Dr. Jim Nacarrato. This is one of those straight to the point truths. Enjoy!

Yours in True Life,

“Ever feel like the problems you are being asked to solve cannot be solved? The challenges you are asked to overcome cannot be overcome? Is the pain you are feeling unbearable? Do you feel like you can’t see a way out of the mess you are in? If so, you are not alone. Those who succeed repeatedly have their resolve tested in every way possible!

Here is the problem, far too many people view having their resolve to succeed continuously tested as a negative. Not so. Although it can feel unbearable, these challenges will push your back up against the proverbial wall leaving you with two options:

• Quit, which happens emotionally long before it happens physically.
• Develop the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength needed to succeed.

Obviously, you want and need to develop the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength necessary to succeed. To achieve this objective, you must have a strategy in place prior to being tested so that when it happens, you will succeed.

Suggestion: Say to yourself, “today is not forever” over and over again. Telling yourself this will help you regain your composure, develop your hope, and avoid projecting the challenges of today into the future. It may not feel this way now, but the challenges you face today will most assuredly end.

Truth: Regardless of how bad things may appear to be at this moment in time, they will get better. You just need to do the right things, for the right reason, for as long as it takes. Especially when you do not want to!

Bottom line: The challenges that attend success are akin to being in the ocean. You cannot make the waves smaller, but you can find a way to keep your head above the biggest wave. You can do this by repeatedly telling yourself, “today is not forever” and believing it. Why? Because it’s true. Examine your own life. Remember when something terrible happened and you thought it would never end or that you  would never survive? It did end and you did survive!”

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