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April 2014

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Who is a chiropractic patient?

“Who is a chiropractic patient or who goes to the chiropractor anyway?” Chiropractors come in all shapes and sizes as do their patients, as well as from all age groups and fields of work, from students to the aged and retired. If you haven’t had your spine checked and you live in Canada, USA or Australia you are in the minority as there is an adequate availability of chiropractors in your communities. If you live in other parts of the…

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Wellness, general

The God Gene

There is nothing new about the debates between science and religion on the existence of God. What is new  is that science says it may have found proof of God in our DNA. People everywhere have always understood that there is an inner drive inside humanity to seek out God in their hearts and minds. We even joked and said that somehow we were hard-wired to seek out God. What a surprise when geneticists discovered that a specific part of…

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Wellness focus – Corporate Wellness Programs

Many companies are now looking to improve their bottom line by paying attention to the health of their employees. In the past health benefits were focused on Medical Insurance and HMO programs to assist workers when they experience sickness; unfortunately, every year health benefit costs have continued to rise because sickness management does not produce healthy employees, it actually contributes to sickness and again higher benefit costs. There is a trend to look at improving the health of workers to…

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The 5 Ws of Health & Wellness

Even though people are doing many things to improve their wellness, they still take their body places and do things with it that gets them sick.  This BLOG is a very useful self-contained program that can be used by small groups (class, church, clubs ,etc.) to undertake a group support type of wellness workshop. You can do it! If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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