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August 2020

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Casualness Leads to Casualties… OUCH!

Casualness Leads to Casualties… OUCH! This quote from success guru Jim Rohn really hits the heart as it has important lessons that we can apply to our health. The definition of casual is to occur by chance versus by intent, lacking a high degree of interest or devotion; one of showing little concern, and not treating things seriously. Imagine an assembly line worker treating their job too casually. Arriving late to work delaying the entire assembly line, not wearing proper…

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Chiropractic Wellness, general

Covid-19 herd immunity

Tougher Immunity is the only cure for Covid-19

Covid-19 herd immunity It has been 100 years since the last severe global pandemic and no one is alive who can share their experiences from those days. Without the current WHO policies, they just let the virus play out its existence and allowed the herd immunity response of the world population have its natural effect. It is very likely that our restraints and quarantines of entire populations today is only delaying the inevitable and dragging this pandemic into years. Massive…

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