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Covid-19 herd immunity

Tougher Immunity is the only cure for Covid-19

Covid-19 herd immunity

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It has been 100 years since the last severe global pandemic and no one is alive who can share their experiences from those days. Without the current WHO policies, they just let the virus play out its existence and allowed the herd immunity response of the world population have its natural effect. It is very likely that our restraints and quarantines of entire populations today is only delaying the inevitable and dragging this pandemic into years. Massive population quarantine of non-infected people is just too severe of a strategy and consequences have gone way beyond health issues. Yes, by all means, quarantine those who are infected and also those who are most susceptible to serious consequences and help to perhaps save their life; this has always been a good public health policy; but for God’s sake let everybody else just go through this and get it over with, developing the Covid-19 herd immunity, is the only savior of this pandemic.

If this virus is similar to all other respiratory Covid viruses of the past quarter century, then everyone will eventually be infected and undergo a period of symptoms; but the immune system will help the body recover. The only safety margin that a person on planet earth today, can do to avoid consequences, serious consequences from Covid-19, is to get healthy and stay healthy.

You are eventually going to suffer the virus one way or another and you just need to ride it out and come out victorious because you have provided your body with the opportunity to fight it naturally by getting healthy and staying healthy. In today’s world nobody can allow themselves to be sickly. Will a vaccine help? Unknown as current discussions are that there are over 100 vaccines are being developed and it’s too soon to know which ones if any will be effective. It is common belief in medical science circles that vaccination can contribute to herd immunity. Not all people agree as our species have survived thousands of years without vaccines. I tend to favor nature’s self-immunity solutions and avoid the risks of side effects or unintended effects often associated with vaccines and other foreign chemicals administered to the body.

Tougher ImmunityHow to build your natural immunity you ask? Start thinking right and lessen stress. Start moving right and eating right to restore a proper BMI (body mass index) and normal percent of body fat. Avoid experimenting with drugs that can only give you relief, but may also contribute to unintended health risks. Avoid sugar, when processed into crystals because it falls in the drug category. Focus on restoring the body with a strong immunity as your best bet. Invest in that while the government invests in disease management.

To state the obvious, at this time in our history, there is just no benefit in allowing yourself to be unhealthy and become sickly (taking regular medications) and be the victim of a pandemic virus. Most everyone can recover their health naturally by doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things. Sadly, the over dependence on medical disease management has not restored peoples’ health, but just managed their disease. While managing your disease you remain sickly, unhealthy and at risk from a weakened immune system. Now is the time to wake up to that reality as the future consequences will still keep you in the risk group from the Covid-19 disease.

Vaccines come from the medical disease treatment model. The medical machine still believes it can cure this pandemic. That is not true! There’s no evidence that medicine and vaccines have ever cured any virus. They work hard at managing diseases and the effects of a virus attack; but the fact is you just need to get through it. If there’s any benefit from a vaccine it is because it is designed to manipulate your body’s own natural immune systems. Without your own immune system’s response, any vaccine would be useless, even dangerous. What is being said here is the obvious, your natural immunity is your savior and the only way forward. Focus on supporting that.

Flu VaccineQuarantine of the entire population? This is only delaying the inevitable. Sadly, in the meantime, we are destroying our economy, our educational system, and many other collateral damages of society by blindly following medical science. Poor government management has allowed this. Health departments cannot be given such rampant leeway. Truth is, comprehensive medical systems may be set up for trauma, acute and chronic diseases, mostly due to defective lifestyles, but they are not well developed to handle a pandemic and they struggle valiantly, yet remain overwhelmed with the current systems. They have an important role, but society has to control just how far to take their recommendations in quarantine policies that are now destroying our civil liberties.

One hundred years from now, or sooner, when the next global pandemic hits us, will we learn the hard lessons of the 2020 epidemic? I certainly hope so, for the benefit of my great grandchildren

Yours in Health,

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