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Healthy people don’t die… If they get infected, they just get healthy again.

Healthy people don’t die… If they get infected, they just get healthy again.

Stay Healthy

Our central theme for Natural Health and Natural Immunity at is simple.

Get healthy and stay healthy!

Even a healthy person is not always immune to infection. There is no guarantee that they will never have symptoms or even avoid injury for that matter. But a healthy person always gets better. Even in a serious injury when surgery is needed, they are the ones that survived the accident and the surgery, recovering the fastest. Do you want to guarantee a long life? Then you had better start thinking about getting healthy and staying healthy.

How, you ask? Think right, move right and eat right. Simple, but not really that easy. First you have to decide that living to 80 or 90 years of age or more is smart and doable. Now, you just need to retrain the little things you do, because longevity is all about the daily little things that add to your health or slowly steal it away. Let’s look at the tripod of a healthy life; think, move and eat right.

1. Think right.
Before you can change anything for the better, you have to believe the right things. How do you improve on your beliefs? Read a lot and study things that interest you about health and a good healthy lifestyle. Look at the people in or around your life that you think are doing the right things. When you talk with them you’ll find out they believe many things very different than you do. For example what’s OK to you is not OK to them. Figuring out the ‘WHY’ on those issues will be very revealing. That type of education gets everything started right. More on this topic on another blog post.

2. Move right.
Experts have determined that the growing epidemic of diabetes (worse than the Coronavirus pandemic) is centered around the lack of movement we now have in our societies. We don’t do as much physically as much as we used to, and we don’t do much daily physical work either. When you wrap your head around that fact, and you make decisions that you can increase your physical activities of any kind, even just daily walks 45 minutes to an hour has great value. Who are most at risk from the coronavirus? Sickly people like diabetics; and even more, all the drugs used to treat Diabetes, designed to manage blood glucose, won’t improve anyone’s immunity. More on this topic on another blog post.

3. Eat right.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Eat less every day and you don’t gain those extra pounds. Eat 80%, that is until you start feeling full, and just stop eating. Amazing how it’s that simple, but it requires you to think different… to think better and of course act on those thoughts. More on this topic on another blog post.

In addition, it is best to maintain the health of your spine and nerves.
How can you build muscles or get a good night’s sleep; have a healthy digestive system or keep a healthy metabolism and let you burn calories, even when at rest? Your nervous system is what powers your body and make all of these different things work and work better. The chances are you haven’t had your spine checked by a spine expert, the chiropractor in your community. When your spine and nerves are healthy and when that is doubled up with a strong and powerful metabolism… people don’t get sick. They live strong, with a resilient body. More on this topic on another blog post.

Re-charging your system also requires you to have a good night sleep. Turn that brain off, stop stimulating the brain with your gadgets or your TV and get to bed on time to get up earlier. Again simple life lessons, but you have to believe in the value of sleep this as absolute truth, that’s how we survived for thousands of years before our crazy modern life.

In conclusion, these are things to ponder because we are now living in mid pandemic times. I did not say post pandemic because it’s truly still mid-pandemic. You can’t think about getting healthy and acting on it later because that is too late. You have to act on it now because the future is uncertain with this public health crisis.

You can’t go to your medical doctor to get healthy, you go only to treat sickness. For natural health you have to go to your chiropractor.

Yours in Real Health,

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