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10 Essential Body Systems – Neurological

1. Neurological

Body systems are a group of tissues and organs that are designed to work together to make the body work in specific ways. Some organs are part of more than one system when they serve more than one function. Since all systems are necessary for sustainable life we refer to them as Essential Systems. We will look at each system in a separate blog over the next months in chiropractic terms so our readers can see the connection between a healthy spine and nervous system, the optimal outcome of proper chiropractic care.

It has been said that the entire body serves one primary purpose… that is, to KEEP THE BRAIN ALIVE. This may seem like an oversimplification but when you think about it, its true! The nervous system consists of the brain, the autonomic nerves and the spinal nerves. One neurology teacher of mine said that if we could dissolve all tissues in the body except the nerves, we could still recognize the person. That’s amazing! At least that is what I thought when I heard that. It means that the nervous system is present everywhere in the body. That makes it pretty important in my book.

Our true realities are what we ultimately experience in the brain. If it doesn’t happen or reach the brain, we have no experience of that. Take for example a blind person trying to describe colors that they have never seen. Taking pain medication blocks the signals to the brain but that doesn’t change the fact that the damage is still present that triggers the pain nerves at its source to signal the brain. We can’t change things for the blind, but is it smart to prevent telling the brain of a problem in the body? How will the brain interpret and initiate a full and proper response to the damaged tissues?

These are valid questions and touches base on the reason why chiropractors remain a drugless profession. In natural healing, we do not want to inhibit or stimulate body functions because we know how people suffer side-effects or other consequences. In chiropractic we also fully understand that unless nature heals the problem, it never heals. Meaning that drugs cannot heal you in any circumstance. The medications may temporarily alter some condition in the body, but unless the body undertakes a full response, there is no healing. The nervous system is the central mediator of the healing.

A surgeon understands this. They would never be so bold as to cut you open (that is an assault in other situations) without absolute confidence in their understanding of the healing that will take place once the procedure is done and the patient stitched back up. Chiropractic is also a non-surgical profession because there are already plenty of competent surgeons out there. What people need is more access to chiropractic since surgery is a last resort.

The chiropractic focus on restoring a healthy spine is all about bringing the body’s nervous system back into alignment and optimal function. Chiropractic spinal adjustments reset the nervous system in a variety of ways yet to be fully understood. What we do know is that people get real results in resolving a wide range of health problems once they undergo proper chiropractic care.

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