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Chiropractic care lowers cancer death rates

In an American study on the impact in communities that have added more doctors, one interesting finding is worth mentioning for this blog community. The more chiropractors were concentrated in a community the greater the improvement for the health outcome reviews, and that comes as no surprise. What is unexpected is that, in comparison to an equal increase in other doctors that had little to no effect on cancer death rates, it was documented that for cancer deaths and increasing doctor ratios, cancer deaths decreased negligibly for physicians but moderately for chiropractors.

Allopathic/ osteopathic physicians had stronger correlation coefficients in 8 of the 21 outcomes of this study, 6 of which had correlation coefficients in the moderate range. Chiropractors had stronger correlations in 12 of the 21 outcomes, 4 of which had correlation coefficients in the moderate range  (Fig 1).  The largest difference between physicians and chiropractors was seen in cancer deaths, where chiropractors had a correlation coefficient that was greater in value.; an outcome with the largest correlation coefficient difference.

Health outcomes improved as ratios increased for both doctor types. Allopathic/ osteopathic physicians and chiropractors had similar strengths for correlations and differences for the health outcomes studied. Chiropractors however had stronger correlations for a greater number of outcomes. The most striking difference found was in the outcome of cancer deaths, where chiropractor ratios had a substantially stronger inverse correlation with the outcome of cancer deaths

(This report published by John Hart, Assistant Director of Research, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, Spartanburg, North Carolina, USA)

As a seasoned Doctor of Chiropractic I view this finding as an affirmation that proper chiropractic outcomes are far greater than just the relief of pain. In reality chiropractors that focus on correcting spine and nerve conditions PLUS focus on improving patient lifestyles on 1. Thinking right, 2. Moving right and 3. Eating right, will see a wide variety of positive overall healthy benefits. The best and appropriate outcomes of someone undertaking chiropractic care should be a “Healthy person” and not just someone feeling better or moving better.

Chiropractic care is far more valuable to a community than is ever really fully appreciated. The topic of this blog is one instance of that fact. Makes you appreciate your chiropractor a little bit more, eh?!

Yours in Real Health,

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