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Be healthy for the long haul

Be healthy for the long haul

Preventive CareLeading a stress-less and successful life, one that promotes health for the long haul, you have to actually be in control of the outcome. Those things that are within your circle of influence are those things you have control over. Those things that fall outside of that are in the area of concern, and there is no greater example of that than the current health crisis. This is a matter of great concern, but one that we have little to no power over, other than managing our personal health; unlike the mismanagement of the COVID-19 Pandemic as our current historical reality.

Week by week the unpredictability causes new reactive policies that results in greater restrictions on society and our civil liberties. When will the quarantine stop so people can return to work? When will the balance of health safety be measured against civil rights (freedom and economic prosperity) on the other side of the scale? Very difficult questions to answer today. The most pressing question is: “Will there be a second outbreak later this year?”

Let’s look at this last question and see where to best overcome that concern. What can you personally do to better prepare should there be a second pandemic outbreak later this year? The short answer is this… you need to be healthy both physically and financially. This will be your success formula. In other words, you need reserves of money and reserves in health. Money is an easy thing to figure out, just work hard, save, lower your frivolous spending and invest wisely. I am not a financial adviser so look for good people to help you on finances. What I can share is that there is no substitute for hard work. It is one of the key differences between the average and the excellent, the unsuccessful and the successful, and the poor and the prosperous.

Invest in your health. That is an area I can advise you. Invest in the following:

1. Reduce your stress by being an active Christian bathing in God’s peace and grace.
2. Reduce your weight by eating right and moving right thereby eliminating the causes of 80% of disease and sickness
3. Seek out specialists that focus on building your health, not just treating disease.
4. Invest #1 to #3 in tithing, good food, fitness equipment and health specialists like the chiropractor***.
5. Invest in a catastrophic health insurance policy should the worst happen that is beyond your control so that you do not devastate your family’s finances.

***Chiropractor: a specialist that focuses on the causes of dis-ease and provides conservative (no drugs or surgery), all natural healthcare solutions.

To improve your life there is only one place you can navigate to the best answer and that is where you do have control in your life. Don’t be overly preoccupied over things you don’t have any control over. Focus on those things you do have control over at home, at work and in your community. Work hard, act promptly and wisely.

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

Yours in Life and Health,

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