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Health is Not an Accident!

Health is Not an Accident!

The amazing thing about health is that it is NOT an accident, but for that matter, neither is sickness an accident. The same can be said about the health of your bank account, right? How about the health of your personal relationships? So why not be as diligent about your health?

Get healthy and stay healthyWhat’s the immediate take on this statement? The answer is FOCUS! Let me explain.

In an earlier blog this week, Do you ignore or procrastinate too much? it is said that the things that you ignore are the things that you lose in your life. Remember when you studied for an exam, or practiced for a big game, or rehearsed for a performance, how focused you were? The experience reinforced in you how right effort gives right results. The combination of focus and repeated activities made everything go smoothly.

My Problems are the result of doing too many of the
WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things.

Clearly we all can appreciate the meaning of that statement. It should be a validation of the successes you have had in pursuit of health and life, but many times it is a statement that convicts us. Correctly so and be glad it does; there is still hope for you.

Truth is that we know that there are some things we do that need to change toward a more positive behavior. Personally, I prefer to help people focus on the right things and, when enough effort is placed there, without necessarily ignoring the wrong things so we are not focusing on them, the chances of developing a better outcome are significantly increased. Let me say that even simpler. Focus on building your strengths and your weaknesses will disappear.

Relating that to your health, list all the things you are doing that is good and right on one side and all the wrong things that you know to change on the other side. Now focus mainly on how better you can improve the right things you are doing. The ratio should be two to one (2:1) where you add two positive actions to start doing for every one negative thing you will stop doing. Even better if your ratio is 3:1.

In most cases when chronic disease is the problem, preventing an individual from experiencing the full force of a fit and healthy body, it’s really due from a lack of focus. The opportunity for health is ALWAYS just around the corner for someone who is willing to stop making excuses and ready to make the right changes. Make time work for you because if you don’t, then by default you are allowing time to work against you instead… and its entirely your choice!

Food for thought,

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