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Is milk good for me?

A cute slogan used by the milk companies in advertising was: “Milk… It does a body Good!”  Cute and trendy slogan but not a necessarily correct one because some people suffer health problems from drinking milk. Oh! you say? Interesting thing to know since when it comes to foods one person’s food is another person’s poison. Truth is milk is nature’s food for babies simply because they don’t have teeth and advanced digestive systems to handle regular food. When they can…

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Cellular Focus on Health

Have you ever thought about what it takes to maintain healthy cells? All cells have a predetermined life cycle that we wish to support. A short support list could look like this: 1. Fertile environment: Nutrients + O2 + H2O 2. Unpolluted environment (internal) 3. Transport and Elimination system 4. Communication with the rest of the body     – Blood indirectly to the brain (molecular analysis)     – Nerves directly to the brain (Ph, temperature, foreign objects) Looking at item #1…

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Health is Not an Accident!

Health is Not an Accident! The amazing thing about health is that it is NOT an accident, but for that matter, neither is sickness an accident. The same can be said about the health of your bank account, right? How about the health of your personal relationships? So why not be as diligent about your health? What’s the immediate take on this statement? The answer is FOCUS! Let me explain. In an earlier blog this week, “Do you ignore or…

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