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November 2013

Nutritional Health Wellness, general

Wellness Focus – Juicing is Hyper-nutrition

Earlier this year I wrote about an Australian businessman, Joe Cross, who saved his life by starting to juice his nutrition. (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) ┬áSince then I have had several conversations with people who have begun juicing as part of their regular health regimen and the time has come that I have decided to place my entire family on a hyper-nutrition program. Living in Manila, identified as one of the most polluted cities on this planet, my family…

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Chiropractic Spinal Health Wellness, general

Health Focus – Doc! Fix me I am Broken

Christian Welling, an accomplished high school athlete, has encountered an acute hip injury after stumbling on the last few steps going down the stairs. The pain is excruciating! Mary his mother wall called by the school and she immediately took him to the hospital emergency room. Fortunately there was nothing broken so she next took him to the family chiropractor because she knows that a physical problem needs a physical solution. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing…

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Chiropractic Fitness Health Spinal Health Wellness, general

Chiropractic Focus – Lordosis and Kyphosis explained

The word scoliosis is a word we have all heard before; it is the lateral bending of the spine mostly observed to the left and right and back again to form the letter ‘S’. Two other terms that you may have heard somewhere are Lordosis and Kyphosis, and these are forward bending of the spine and backward bending of the spine, respectively. At the time of birth we all have a spine shaped in a ‘C’ or in the fetal…

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Personal Coaching

Life Coaching Focus – Stewardship on Health

Stewardship is defined as “the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something.” So how do you rate yourself as a good steward? How good are you at taking care of (responsible and protecting of) your health, your finances and anything or anyone else on which you place a high value? The first time I heard this term was directed to the financial topic of tithing at my church. The life you have is God’s gift to you…

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Chiropractic Fitness Health Wellness, general

Wellness Focus – Heat and Ice, more about

It is interesting to hear different accounts of why heat or ice is a preferred treatment modality or for home self care.We see how emergency rooms typically recommend ice for the first 48 hours after an acute injury while physical therapists always use heat during a treatment session. Most MDs will advise their patients to put heat if after 48 hours or for any chronic condition. Sports trainers use both heat and ice as needed and chiropractors have specific times…

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Fitness Health Wellness, general

Fitness focus – Exercise to lose weight and manage blood sugar

Diets Don't Work

Mary Welling has been trying to lose the weight she gained from having children. The problem she is having is with her exercise program, there isn’t one. Oh, Mary has made excellent strides in changing her eating habits after reading all about it in docMIKE’s Wellness Blogs, and she has been losing weight but it seems more and more difficult to keep the weight from returning and to continue to lose weight to the same degree as she was doing…

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Personal Coaching Wellness, general

Focus Wellness – Brain Body Disconnect

A 50 something year old patient saw me today after suffering an aggravation of his longstanding physical problems in the lower back and neck following his “desire to return to the game” and he was talking about Basketball. You guessed right, he overdid it! As much as I encourage people to stay physically active as part of general fitness efforts, along with good eating and good sleep habits, there is often a mental game that needs a reality check. It…

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