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Diets Don't Work

Diets Don't WorkMary Welling has been trying to lose the weight she gained from having children. The problem she is having is with her exercise program, there isn’t one.

Oh, Mary has made excellent strides in changing her eating habits after reading all about it in docMIKE’s Wellness Blogs, and she has been losing weight but it seems more and more difficult to keep the weight from returning and to continue to lose weight to the same degree as she was doing in the first months. Sounds all too familiar. eh!

There are three things that must happen at the same time if one is to be successful at normalizing your weight because of a proper focus on strengthening your metabolism (not by dieting).

  1. Proper supplementation
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Proper exercise

Today we will give #3 its full attention, EXERCISE PROPERLY.
You start by downloading this worksheet.

The primary goal of exercising is to strengthen your metabolism but you probably have other secondary goals such as looking sexy, better muscle shaping, losing weight, feel good about the way you look, etc. and these are all good reasons to get and stay fitness-minded. Where people succeed in fitness is the transformation in lifestyle that regularly permits daily physical activities.

The idea that you will be stuck droning away in a gym is a discouraging thought for sure; so let’s not go there. Imagine yourself doing all kinds of different physical activities and none of them include dressing up in spandex and going to the gym. Also, if you do include going to the gym in your fitness plan, that is just fine, too. So begin the process of filling out your monthly activity calendar. Don’t leave a day blank, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

As you look over the worksheet there are three areas that follows the value based motivation that forms the foundation for the decisions, these are: Fitness activities, Space to perform them, and Time allocated to do them. Complete the exercise, fill out the monthly calendar and you are ready to make your plan come to reality. Lastly, get a friend to join you, in fact get as many people involved with some of each activity so it becomes you new social outlet.

Yours in Health,


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