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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainMasakit ang Balikat! Paul hurt his shoulder while lifting heavy luggage during one of his business trips. Like most men, Paul thought the problem was just a minor thing. You know the expression: “Maybe it will go away.” So months later the shoulder hurt everyday with various activities. Shoulder pain is a common complaint expressed to the Doctor of Chiropractic during a spinal evaluation. Actually there are three categories of shoulder pains:

  1. Joint problems
  2. Peripheral soft tissue injuries
  3. General discomfort or tension

The most common of these is the third group: general tension. We complain of general shoulder pain by describing a tightness or tension across the upper back extending to one or both shoulders. These are in fact spinal and posture problems and not a true shoulder condition.

Stress (mental) and poor posture (physical) create tension in the large Trapezius muscles that start at the base of the skull down to the middle of the spine between the shoulder blades and then attach into the back part of the shoulder joint. Exercise and improved posture can resolve these complaints. Often, underlying spinal misalignments can cause increase tension or spasms of these muscles so exercise and better posture will only produce partial or temporary improvements. Only a spinal evaluation by a Chiropractic Specialist will give insight into these types of problems.

The next shoulder pain category involves the muscles, tendons and bursa located around the shoulder. Rotator Cuff tendonitis, tears or strain are caused by injuries to the shoulder mechanism. A proper evaluation of the shoulder reveals that either a bursitis or a tendonitis is the cause for shoulder pain and restricted range of motion. Physical therapy and rehabilitation can provide much help but occasionally surgery is required; especially with traumatic injury resulting in tissues tearing or rupturing. Pre-existing neck conditions may make the shoulder problem worse as nerves from the neck supply the shoulder.

Arthritis of the shoulder, frozen shoulder syndrome and capsulitis of the shoulder are conditions that directly involve the shoulder joint (ball & socket). Many times this is the result of failure to treat the shoulder when it was externally involved but lack of normal shoulder usage over extended periods of time produces degenerative changes. Not much can be done to cure things at this stage, but restoration of function and mobility can be more or less achieved. Manipulation under anesthesia, cold lazer therapies are just some examples of options to treat a frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis.

Proper treatment of the shoulder in particular requires the correct assessment and diagnosis, or treatments will not be very effective.

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  • Reply
    melchor co kue
    08/05/2014 at 4:46 am

    the result in examining my hla b-27 was positive but mri result is negative for ankylosis..pls help me. im from

    • Reply
      08/05/2014 at 8:50 am

      Welcome to Chiropractic. The focus you have on lab tests and diagnostic imaging results is what modern medicine teaches you to do. That is not the priority in Chiropractic but there is a role for these tests as part of our holistic evaluation of a patient’s “lost health.” I would be happy to personally evaluate your condition and offer solutions focused on the causes of your developing problems and not just something to make your signs or symptoms go away. A Chiropractor is a spinal expert for the single reason that we know people suffer from a long list of health because of their spinal misalignments have been there much too long. The only way to determien if chiropractic can help you is for you t undergo a proper evaluation. Our website is and main tel # (02) 812-6903 by docMIKE.

  • Reply
    12/12/2017 at 10:00 am

    My problem is involuntary movement of my head at some angle and my right shoulder pain I can sometimes feel numbness in my right arm I get massage but it gives temporary relief I have been to ortho and undergone CITI SCAN with negative results I plan to go there for check up. I just want to know how long would it take for me to have the therapy because I am residing in Palawan thank you sir

    • Reply
      Michel Tetrault
      12/20/2017 at 6:58 pm

      Dear Julie, We do not see opening a clinic in Palawan for a few more years but we can accommodate you in Manila or Cebu. You are describing nerve dysfunctions caused by misalignments of the segments in your neck. We are very familiar with these types of problems but require you to undergo a proper chiropractic evaluation to better understand the situation in your particular case. You can get clinic information at, docMIKE

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