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Divine Intelligence Vs artificial intelligence

The Power that Created You Heals You

Divine Intelligence Vs artificial intelligence

The Power that Created You Heals You

Humans are gifted with a spark of divine intelligence, in Genesis God said we were created in His image, which implies that we also have a slice of God’s intelligence. We can see that throughout history with our creativity in art and science in the pursuit of understanding and philosophy of life, etc. one example of that took place by an immigrant from Canada to the United States in the late 19th century. His name is Daniel David Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic.


Yes, the founder of Chiropractic in the late 19th century may have understood God more than any of us in his effort to understand his inspired concepts of universal intelligence and innate intelligence. Palmer’s observations of his patients, that spinal subluxations, the misalignments of the vertebrae affecting the nervous system, result in an excitation, and/or an inhibition of normal nerve function, resulting in pathology and disease. He seemed to have a deep understanding, and we could even say an innate understanding of vitalism, that by the mystic component of life that seeks to manifest its internal operating system towards balance, homeostasis, and optimal function.


Taking people’s observations, scientists if you like, observations of the physical world, and its physical properties, gives us some insight into the intelligence of God the creator. As we are in the age of the birth of artificial intelligence, man has imparted a slice of our intelligence and capabilities onto computers. We are observing, and witnessing this child becoming enhanced with greater computing capabilities enabling what seems to be an incredible output of creativity.


We’ve all seen Mid-journey and other software creations of artificial intelligence. The form, the detail, and the proportions display the application of this intelligence to create what appears to be a life-like form. Much of this art is two-dimensional, but think about the holograms that we have been developing in 3-D. If our intelligence imparted to computers can create a 3-D image that is animated according to the life support that it has, why is it so difficult to understand that a universal intelligence, God can impart with the software and DNA, and the implied functioning of that operating system in His creation yet finds us rejecting the probability of God over the improbability of evolution explaining our existence.


We could begin this conversation by embarking on deep philosophical and if you like religious debates, but in reality, it’s just the obvious. The more we learn through science, observations of the universe, micro and macro. Then we realize the obvious… that there has to be this incredible, absolutely incredible intelligence as the source of everything.



Our problem is that our existence and experience have a beginning, a middle, and an end; therefore, we measure everything according to our own limited perspectives. The fact is that an entity that has existed forever is just beyond our comprehension. So we go on expressing our spark of God and creating more and more. But some of us foolishly deny the existence of God’s awesome and absolutely incredible intelligence that has a reality beyond any of our understanding; as though a sparrow can solve calculus equations (comparing us to God’s mind).


Our flawed lives and application of our trial and error may result in the creation of an artificial intelligence that destroys us all. We’ve lost millions of lives through the virus pandemics. You know we suspect that’s been manipulated by human minds. How are we to be trusted, and even so boldly to be worthy of an opinion, that rejects the source of our existence and our intelligence only to our tragic ends?


Jesus once said: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” [Mathew 18:3]. He’s referring to the trust-like nature of a child. The opposite of trust is cynicism which leads to unbelief. Are we so cynical that we would deny the obvious?


Yours in real life,


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