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A+ TrademarkIntroducing a new Health Coach training program. Natural Alternatives Plus, Inc. is a Philippine health education and lifestyle coaching company providing individual and corporate wellness programs in Manila. The success of the programs comes from the personal health coach services provided by the Alternative Health Counselors (AHC).

As you read this blog you could actually be looking at a career opportunity.

Students of our School of Wellness who have excellent communication skills and the desire to be trained as coaches enter an advanced training under docMIKE’s direction and can be hired as AHC for Natural A+ wellness programs.

A+ corporation started in 2009 and it has been the inspiration of docMIKE to develop a viable entity that can help many people in the country to receive personal guidance in restoring their health, naturally. has targeted 2016 as the year to recruit from our readers a small army of suitable individuals to be trained as Alternative Health Counselors.

Tying up with visionary leaders from HMO and other wellness driven companies A+ can provide the AHC opportunities to present wellness seminars and other wellness programs.

Another avenue for training AHCs is under a TESDA certified post grad Alternative Health Counselor training for nurses in growing their Practical Nurse practices. More on this topic as the program finalizes.

Eventually A+ sees a Nationwide expansion of licensing to businesses and individual AHC permissions to operate under A+ branding. The next step to follow involves International A+ master license issuance per country.

If you find yourself very interested in health promotion and are willing to becoming fully committed to improving the lives of others, a career as an Alternative Health Counselor may just be the right fit for you. Our counselors become the most wellness trained individuals in the country. What this means to them personally and for their families is immeasurable.

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