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Alternative Health Counselors

Introducing a new Health Coach training program. Natural Alternatives Plus, Inc. is a Philippine health education and lifestyle coaching company providing individual and corporate wellness programs in Manila. The success of the programs comes from the personal health coach services provided by the Alternative Health Counselors (AHC). As you read this blog you could actually be looking at a career opportunity. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Wellness Mapping

Here is an interesting health coach / life coaching tool helpful in prognosticating your future health. The purpose of any life coaching tool is to create awareness, and the ensuing impetus to cause someone to make positive changes in their life. Demosthenes proclaimed, ‚ÄúNothing is easier than self-deceit.” Very often, the future consequences of what you are doing today begins with the fact that you are believing things to be true that are not true. Why do we do that?…

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