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5 Essentials – Positive or Right Thinking

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On the scale of one (1) to ten (10) with ten being optimal, rate yourself on how well you are doing your correct thinking or your stress management. RATE: ____
4. Positive or Right Thinking:

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Imagine someone making the most out of life when it is based on wrong thinking, doing all the wrong things and avoiding all the right things. It becomes easy to relate this to your health when you realize that “YOUR PROBLEMS are the result of doing too many of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things.” We make wrong decisions about our daily activities because of lack of proper information and lack of personal discipline. Unquestionably, everything you do will either add, take away or have no effect either way on your health. So, the point remains that how you think has everything to do with how healthy you are and will stay throughout your life. The power of positive and correct thinking is an essential to health.

Imagine someone who is always complaining, or someone who always expects the worst things to happen, or someone who is always irritated, grumpy and can never be satisfied. Let me ask you this: “Are these people the healthiest people you know?”

Conversely, imagine someone who is gracious, never complains, always expects the best things to happen; someone who is a joy to be around, never irritable, always positive and see the best in everyone else. Let me ask you this: “Are these people the healthiest people you know?”

This makes the point rather well, doesn’t it? How you think has more to do with your health than you can ever imagine. The right attitude means you have the energy to make the right things happen, to be around the right people for the right reasons. You can think yourself to health or you can think yourself right into the grave. Yup… you can think yourself right into an early grave by failing to be focused on the right things and easily distracted by the wrong things.

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