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Sleeping in – Good or Bad?

We work or study hard most days of the week, then on weekends, isn’t nice to just sleep in? Yea! But sadly, most people complain that they feel groggy or worse have body pains after they oversleep on a weekend.  Shouldn’t we feel better and more rested after longer sleep? Why is that?

Our quality of sleep is best achieved after we have been asleep for a while and that normally takes place when we have a regular time to get to bed. We also have a regular time we wake up, often to the minute even without an alarm clock ringing. Strange eh!

As a spine and nerve expert I am often confronted by patients stating that they just feel worse after over sleeping. Since I am familiar with their particular bodies it is been shown that the areas they say bother them after sleeping-in are the same body areas whey have long-standing weaknesses. So a person with a history of headaches will wake up with a stiff neck with headache. A person with a history of shoulder pain will experience a bad shoulder day and someone with back pains, even though they are better now, it is their lower back that gets still and sore after sleeping in.

When I see this my advice is simple… on a day off, the day you just wish you can sleep in and catch up a little on lost sleep nights of that week, it might just be better to get up and not go back to bed. What I am saying is this, when we have 5 or 6 days we normally wake up like at 6 am, don’t be surprised that your internal clock will wake you up at 6 am on a Sunday. If you are in the majority of people who have had long-standing physical problems in certain areas and you have experienced a return of those problems after over sleeping, my advice is to just stay up should you wake up early at your regular time.

If you are not waking up and feeling at your best any day, sad to hear if that is true, well you must be one of those unfortunate people who have not yet benefited from regular Chiropractic care. That is something you can solve right away, and you should do this. Call our New Patient Center at (02) 812-6903 and make an appointment. If you did receive a short period of Chiropractic care in the past, please call and get yourselves under care again. Time is not your friend in these matters; do it now.

Yours in True Health,

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