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Sleeping in – Good or Bad?

We work or study hard most days of the week, then on weekends, isn’t nice to just sleep in? Yea! But sadly, most people complain that they feel groggy or worse have body pains after they oversleep on a weekend.  Shouldn’t we feel better and more rested after longer sleep? Why is that? Our quality of sleep is best achieved after we have been asleep for a while and that normally takes place when we have a regular time to get to…

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About Pillows and Mattresses

Why is this topic important to your wellbeing? Health is preserved when cells regenerate overnight. A good night sleep is essential to your health.It is true that some people may not use a pillow at all but unless there are compelling reasons otherwise, we need to sleep on just one pillow. Two or more pillows will cause the neck to lose its lordotic curve (lordosis: forward natural bending) so my advice is to lose the habit and select the one better pillow for…

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What is the Proper Sleeping Position?

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, a spinal expert, it is very common for people to ask me the question: “What’s the best sleeping position?” The short answer is to sleep on your back with some right and left side sleeping but never on your stomach. Then I hear things like: “Babies sleep on their stomach and so it must be natural to do so,” or “I just can’t sleep on my back, so I sleep on my side.”  It is…

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