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One God and one history

This week marks the beginning of our 9th year as a community blog. Now for a different share.

(photo of the cosmos microwave background)

Science declares that the universe began with a big bang some 13.8 billion years ago and that the universe has been expanding ever since. The billions, trillions and septillions of celestial bodies, stars, planets, and other cosmic entities have been coalescing and otherwise hurling in space and shaping the cosmos that we can now observe and the universe we cannot yet observe. So, there is one postulate that says, with so many entities in the universe, there must be equal opportunity for life or genesis throughout the different sectors that are similar to life’s existence on planet earth. The contrary view is that due the sheer numeric reality that this may be a plausible theory, yet we only know and can prove that there is life here and thus far we have not seen any actual evidence of life anywhere else. Far reaching theories are not proof, as hopeful and well-intended as they may be.

Starting with the position that there is in fact one God, one creator and therefore an intelligence that has direct involvement with the creation of the universe and the creation of mankind, there is a single history of all that which prevails.

Taking an analogy of an inventor having an idea design to create something spectacular, there would have to be the knowledge of which ingredients are needed, the parts that are to be collected to put together this invention. So, there would need to exist a super store that would contain all these different parts or items where one could go in with a large shopping cart and select those items that would build their invention; no parts, no invention. It is suggested that the big bang was God’s action in the creation of his superstore. If a genius creator was to put together something like earth, and the life that was put into being on earth, the universe with its massive energy creating bodies and systems is in essence a molecule and subatomic particle creating industrial plant. Therefore, all star systems generate different energy patterns and are involved in the creation of different elements that are all necessary for God‘s plan of creating earth and life as we know it. It is not beyond the realm of probability that such a creator having built his molecule factory, could not facilitate a transport system that would drive all these elements to a single planet and bombard that planet with these essential elements that He could build this amazing life-producing earth.

So, there are either random collections of elements that have bombarded planets all over the universe and there are massive numbers of planets with life that is similar or different to earth. Or there is just earth that stands alone in the entire universe as God originally intended.

Think about the intelligence necessary for an inventor to put some fantastic piece together, how the understanding of elements is required. Now imagine how infinitely intelligent that being would be to even create water. Just the creation of water requires incredible calculations for exactly the right size of subatomic particles to come together to build this fundamental and essential source for life itself. Then imagine complex organisms coming into shape and being used in creating more complex systems in organisms. Is it more plausible that these things randomly formed themselves or is it the fact that they were created just as they are with the ability to adapt to their conditions and environments? Science has not proven the theory of transition from one species into another species. We see that each species may also have many variations, but the original species was created as it was in the beginning; referred to as natural selection. All that was factored in by the Creator.

The same is true for the creation of mankind. The ability to not just exist and to procreate like the rest of life’s creation, but uniquely endowed with an intelligence that can harness the provisions of this planet to sustain life, to create new ideas, to grow; and with a little DNA manipulation to be preprogrammed in our operating system to have a heart, to have a desire, to have an instinctive behavior to seek out our reasons for existence and to drive our desire to find the Creator.

The idea in theory of evolution, however well intended in the true spirit of science, was misguided by far reaching conclusions that have never been proven. They have seemingly cast aside the Creator, the incredibly intelligent mastermind architect, designer who engineered everything in the physical universe that came together for the explicit purpose of giving us the ability to be like Him, a creator ourselves. In truth, considering the complexities of living things, that has the far more logical probability than the alternative theories.

These thoughts and reflections on science applied to faith are presented with the hope that it will be well received in your hearts. Peace be with you.

Yours in Real Life,

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