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Are You an Adrenaline Addict?

Thomas Leonard, the father of Life Coaching, noted these Top 10 Signs identifying if …

You’re An Adrenaline Addict.

  1. You and your body feel pressure to perform or produce.
  2. You arrive at appointments just in the nick of time or late.
  3. You over-promise results.
  4. You procrastinate and then rush to deliver.
  5. You are impatient.
  6. You speak quickly and can’t slow yourself down without lots of effort.
  7. You don’t maintain a healthy reserve of time, money and space for yourself.
  8. You are always on to the next project before this one is done.
  9. You require an immediate response; delays, even expected ones, disturb you greatly.
  10. You seek out professions or situations which will feed your addiction.

Any number of things trigger adrenaline such as deadlines, fear of loss, excitement, possibility, anticipation, stressful situations, hyperaction, ‘never enough syndrome’ and more. The point to make is that those who are adrenaline junkies deliberately create situations which trigger the adrenaline rush; and that, they usually aren’t aware of this; typically, it’s ‘something or someone’ else that ’caused’ this panic or rush.

However, as we all increase our awareness in general, and as we get smarter about the source of energy we use, at some point people will become aware of adrenaline and the role it plays in one’s life. In one’s failures. And, especially in one’s success! Remember, adrenaline does work! And it can work very, very well. And, it usually comes with a price, often not seen until later.

Adrenalin is the physiological factor that brings action and energy into reality and so stress has a positive role in our lives; but like all things, when done in moderation. We mainly need to better understand it and learn how to not be consumed or harmed by it. Beware of lifestyle behaviors that artificially over stimulate Adrenalin and you will do much better.

For additional Stress management ideas read my earlier blog on STRESS.

Good hunting!

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