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Insulin Resistance is Caused by Fat in Muscles.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has warned that Diabetes Type 2 (caused by improper lifestyles) has reached epidemic proportions; some regions of the world at greater risk than others, mostly due to geographic and economic factors. The focus on Diabetes by western Medicine is to manage blood glucose levels. This is a failed formula and that is the principal reason why the incidence of Diabetes-related illnesses are also on the rise. Type 2 Diabetes is caused by Insulin Resistance also called Insulin insensitivity.

Scientific studies are fairly uniform in their commentaries that Diabetes Type 2 is a disease of wrong lifestyles but the actual physical connection doesn’t get explained very well. The reason is again the failed focus on blood sugar management Vs lifestyle correction. The important question to ask is: “Why does the body fail to manage its own blood sugar?” Research says that the body’s main fat storage areas eventually get filled up so the body has to store fats in muscle tissue and that results in Insulin resistance. The body has to increase its blood concentrations of Insulin. This hormone, in order to lower blood sugar, does so by pushing glucose into fat storage mechanisms and people get fat and fatter.

The most important lesson to learn here is in the title of this blog: “Insulin Resistance is caused by fat in muscles.” Anyone can study online the connections between Insulin resistance and fat storage in muscle tissues. Having a deeper understanding of this important fact is empowering for individuals to make the necessary changes to eventually reduce their percentage of body fat. Men should only have 15% to 18% body fat while women’s percent body fat is normal in the 20% to 24% range. Unfortunately, people are 30% to 50+% body fat and that is the problem.

DO NOT DIET to lower your % body fat! A diet is something you start, make some temporary changes to lose weight then the diet stops, only to return to the same lifestyle habits that put the weight on in the first place. You have to reduce the intake of foods that increases Insulin in the blood; these foods are carbohydrates. So if you seriously cut down or cut out simple sugars and starches, processed carbohydrates you also lower the blood sugar levels and self manage the Diabetes condition by proper diet / proper daily eating habits.

This will stop the fat storage processes and initiate weight loss, reduce fat storage in muscles, improve Insulin sensitivity, eliminate Insulin resistance and self cure your Diabetes. Imagine that people have the power to cure their own Diabetes; in fact they have to power to prevent Diabetes by acting sooner. This is a truth the drug companies DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

Sorry guys! I spilled the beans and now we can look at a future with less obesity, less Diabetes and the other diseases that accompany the other not-so-well understood part of this story… METABOLIC SYNDROME (which you can read in my earlier blog).

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