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Positively Positive in 2019

Positively Positive in 2019

2019 is a wonderful year to focus on Positive Living. Last year my New Years message was on personal accountability. After a year of improving one’s discipline, the perfect follow through is to turn that personal growth outwardly to improve the lives of others. Holding a positive outlook inspires us to look at ways we can contribute the well being of others. Especially when their well being has a positive impact on your own life. To reach this enlightened state let us consider the following attributes for each of us to adopt into our hearts and minds:

  • Keeping a positive outlook.
  • Listing positive actions.
  • Affirming positive options.
  • Seeking positive approval from the people I work with and from those who are invited to work with us.
  • Always taking the positive approach in a positive way.
  • Positively inviting people to leave who are not a good fit.
  • Expecting only the positive from any project that we are involved in. Seeing barriers and challenges as a leverage for more positive outcomes.

When we are dialing in a positive mindset and keeping a positive attitude, this has a powerfully positive influence on our lives.

Let’s look forward into this new year with a new determination, a force of will, a heartfelt mindset that everything can have the best outcome through a positive approach. Reaffirm your purpose and charge that with the powerful force of positivity.

Let’s look forward to a life of peace and personal power through positive thinking and positive actions.

God bless you and Happy New Year!

Yours in real life,


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