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Wellness Reflections: Stop Tolerating!

Stop Tolerating

Stop ToleratingThe definition of toleration has two different meanings:
1. to recognize and respect (i.e.: the rights, beliefs, or practices of others).
2. to allow without prohibiting or opposing; to permit (to put up with)

So on one side we find that tolerating is an act of higher human quality, one of respect for one another’s differences; where we can agree to disagree. There is also the other more sinister side, the allowing of or permitting without opposing of behaviors by others toward us that may be disrespectful of our needs as humans for privacy, dignity and peace of  mind.

We humans put up with a lot of stuff, most of which isn’t necessary. Tolerations that we have to put up with holds us back, causes us grief and wastes our time and energy; but we do it anyway. Why? Because it somehow adds to the drama of our lives, feeds that need for friction and energy. But it comes with a price of pain and frustration.

Benefits of being free of Tolerations:

  • You will stop wasting your life, trying to manage situations that shouldn’t be there in the first place.
  • You will have more energy to devote to your quality of life and experience greater personal growth.
  • You will grow more quickly because you are not distracted or weighed down with tolerations.
  • You will upgrade your community and spend time only with easy, fulfilling people.
  • You will be a model for your family and friends as to what’s also possible for them in this area.

The less we tolerate the more we raise our standards and improve our quality of life. But it requires that we STOP TOLERATING things. “How can I do that without offending someone?” The simple answer is to be straight forward without blame or accusations.

Thomas Leonard master Life Coach proposes these 10 Steps To A Toleration-Free Life:

  1. “Get” that putting up with things is good for no-one.
  2. Make a list of 10 things you are tolerating at home.
  3. Make the requests/take the actions to eliminate these items.
  4. Make a list of 10 things you are tolerating at work.
  5. Make the requests/take the actions to eliminate these items.
  6. “Get” that you’re getting juiced (rackets) by tolerating things!
  7. Be willing and committed to being toleration-free.
  8. Stop complaining: instead, make a strong request.
  9. Invest enough money to handle the tasks/chores which pain you.
  10. Do steps 1-9 above, again, after you’ve done them once!

As you work on these concepts, you will learn to naturally prevent Tolerations from occurring around you and be able to immediately handle them when you do. Imagine the added peace in life you can experience. I do!

Yours in Life,

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